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Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd passive & structural fire protection services UK


Industry leading passive & structural fire protection services



Fire surveys & inspections

Our fire surveys & inspections are carried out by highly trained and experienced specialists who utilise digital technology, such as Fieldwire, and innovative methodologies to make the process as efficient as possible with minimal disruption. All of our reports are completely transparent and can be accessed remotely, on your desktop, smartphone or tablet, at any time.


Our expertise allows us to guarantee reliability of reports which provide the foundations for a bespoke & comprehensive fire protection system to be designed and installed - achieving long term effectiveness through maximum efficiency in terms of time & capital and most importantly, achieving 100% quality assurance to ensure the maximum level of public safety.



Failed fire protection

Our passive & structural fire protection systems utilise tried & tested approved products which are installed to manufacturer specifications - our expert fire stoppers are continually updated on leading products and specs through engagement with our internal e-learning programmes.


We design and install bespoke & comprehensive systems which have enough versatility and protection to achieve a fire rating of up to 4 hours - maintaining the integrity of a construction and containing the spread of fire & smoke long enough for all publics to be evacuated and the emergency services to arrive; ceasing or minimising the damage to lives, assets and capital.



Fire safety training and quality assurance training in construction

Just like with our reporting system, we have scrapped the obsolete paper-based processes and digitised to create engaging accredited training programmes in areas such as fire safety and quality assurance, in partnership with North West Skills Academy.


This has allowed the training programmes to be easily integrated into an on-site practical learning experience which coincides with age-old learning theory - learning through practical experience maximises uptake. This means we can transfer new capabilities in as little as one day with minimal disruption to work.

To inquire about our training courses, please complete our contact form here.

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