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Passive and structural fire protection services UK

Fire Protection

Industry leading passive & structural fire protection systems



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We supply fire stopping capabilities using tried and tested approved products, which allow enough versatility and protection in order to provide a fire rating of up to 4 hours. Our fully FIRAS-accredited fire stoppers provide a variety of services which are adapted to the needs of each individual project, both large and small. Some of those services include: ​

  • Fire-resisting doors and fire door furniture

  • Fire shutters

  • Compartment walls and floors

  • Fire-resisting walls and partitions

  • Suspended ceilings

  • Fire-resisting glazing

  • Fire doors and other hardware

  • Industrial fire shutters and curtains

  • Fire-resisting dampers (mechanical or intumescent) used in horizontal or vertical air distribution ducts

  • Fire-resisting ductwork

  • Fire-resisting service ducts and shafts

  • Linear gap seals

  • Penetration seals for pipes, cables and other services

  • Cavity barriers

  • Fire-resisting air transfer grilles (mechanical or intumescent)

  • The building envelope, e.g. fire-resisting external walls, curtain walls etc.

  • Reaction to fire coatings

  • Hydrocarbon structural fire protection systems


We don't provide the standard model of practice; all of our fire protection services are adapted to provide a completely bespoke service to ensure fire safety to the maximum standard for each individual project; both large and small.



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Importance of compartmentation

Fire compartmentation is one of the most effective, yet severely overlooked (a standard fire risk assessment will not typically include an assessment of compartmentation in difficult-to-reach areas), methods of minimising the risks associated with fires and allowing enough protection to ensure the safe evacuation of any people within the construction.

A bespoke and comprehensive compartmentation strategy effectively utilises fire doors, floors & walls, cavity barriers within roof voids and additional fire stopping to prevent fire from penetrating through any dividing elements, which prevents the spread of fire, smoke & toxins - thus preventing loss of life and allowing for a much more manageable situation for emergency services.


Overview of compartmentation services

Our fire surveys & inspections cover an extensive assessment of:

  • The overall condition of existing 'fire compartments'

  • The condition of the existing sealing of wall & soffit interfaces

  • The condition of existing fire seals applied to service penetrations through fire compartment lines

  • The presence of any damage to fire compartment lines which may compromise the overall effectiveness of the system

  • The presence of any unprotected structural steelwork within fire compartments which may compromise the overall effectiveness of the system

  • The presence, positioning & fixing methods used with regards to any fire dampers within ducts passing through designated fire compartment lines

  • The effectiveness of materials used to seal existing service penetrations & linear joints

  • The effectiveness of materials and methods used to construct any dry lined walls which form part of the fire compartmentation system

  • Suggested remedial actions (i.e. which materials, specifications) with estimated time and costs factored, based on our vast experience in passive & structural fire protection

  • Any specific issues relating to the ability to reinstate fire compartmentation (i.e. the presence of items of equipment or services which may prevent access to the required area)


Additional scope – invasive risk assessment for fire compartmentation

We are third-party accredited passive & structural fire protection specialists with over 40 years experience in the industry - our team of highly skilled, trained & experienced fire protection experts can provide the means to achieving full compliance through the design and installation of bespoke & comprehensive fire protection systems with 100% quality assurance.

Unlike our competitors, we have integrated disruptive technologies into our services which allow us to provide our clients with complete transparency; we use existing CAD drawings, which we import into both our surveying and FRA applications - The outputs of which are easily accessible via desktop, smartphone or tablet anytime in order to provide you with the confidence that we are optimising our time on site. 

Where our competitors can find faults in compartmentation, they do not have the ability to quickly remedy any issues to guarantee full compliance. At Ogilvie Fire Protection, we can give better value, by giving you accurate estimates of what it will cost to fix. As we conduct a fire compartmentation survey, we will add associated costs with each item to build a plan that can be presented to allocate reliable budgets which will maximise the safety of personnel & assets. Should minimal work be required, we can notify as we are going; allowing you to 'pay-as-we-go'.

Our rates are up to 50% less than our competitors in passive & structural fire protection, and once complete, we issue a third-party certificate from FIRAS to provide total confidence and satisfaction for all stakeholders. 

We have vast experience of working in occupied spaces such as schools, hospitals, hotels, shops and historic buildings, and have worked throughout Scotland; from Aberdeen to St.Kilda - no outdated & inefficient paper-based systems on site, no digital cameras, just integrated mobile devices that record every stage of the process with zero disruption to ongoing business.



Passive & structural fire protection remediation

We are a business in a sector that has been plagued by poor workmanship, a lack of customer focus, and less value placed on the work being produced for sign off. A pure focus on the bottom line has left many sites in the UK, PFI, public and private, requiring revisits for either a full refitting or fixing of previously poorly fitted fire protection - this is simply not good enough in terms of the safety of the millions of people in buildings where the work has been sub-standard at best! Much of our work over the past 20+ years working in this sector has involved rectifying shoddy fire protection work. Although this has allowed us to build a reputation of quality and efficient work, the wider implications trouble us deeply. This has been further explored in an article titled 'CITB, The Blight of Experienced Tradesmen/Women in the UK?' written by our Operations Director, Bruce Ogilvie, back in 2018, where he explores the nature of the problem.

We have made it our mission to spread awareness of the problem surrounding low quality of work in fire protection. It goes without saying that part of that mission is ensuring that our own work is bulletproof. One of the innovative ways we ensure 100% quality assurance is through incorporating Fieldwire into our business practices throughout our entire service offering. This means that you, as a client, are able to easily access live and transparent project progress which is continually tracked and updated. The software is extremely user friendly and engaging, able to be accessed on any Apple or Android mobile device or laptop/computer. 

We also provide on-site training with regards to the use of Fieldwire in Fire Protection as well as a wider construction context, with minimal disruption. More information with regards to our fully accredited quality assurance training can be found here.

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