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Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd COVID-19 cleaning services

COVID-19 cleaning

During lockdown, we identified an opportunity to do what we can to help

Our operations Director, Bruce Ogilvie, has been out deep-cleaning hundreds of park benches, bins and bus stops in order to halt the spread of COVID-19. 

After lockdown measures were put in place, rather than sitting around worrying about the present situation, we identified an opportunity to do what little we could to help our local community of Ayrshire. So, whilst ongoing construction work has been suspended, although we've forever worked in the pursuit of public safety, it's fair to say we've taken a different approach to business practice to do what we can. 

We have been strategic in our cleaning operations; targeting the busiest public spaces as a priority - we've been collaborating with local bus services to help us identify primary targets.

BBC News article:

Bruce Ogilvie, Operations Director at Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd

Bruce Ogilvie, Operations Director - Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd

"I'm just happy to do my small bit to help, we have this deep-cleaning equipment and supplies just sitting there not doing anything right now, and I'm not really one for sitting still, so I just thought I would put it to good use. As the weather has improved, the benches are being used more as people get out and about so hopefully it makes a difference."


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