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Passive & structural fire protection UK
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Structural & Passive Fire Protection Excellence

Industry leading fire protection services across the UK, Ireland and International

Work with us and join the #Revolutionforquality today!

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To Antarctica!

From Aberdeen...

The #Revolutionforquality is going global!

Expert and transparent fire protection at every stage of construction

Expert and transparent fire protection at every stage of construction

Expert and transparent fire protection at every stage of construction

From fire risk assessment (FRA) to fire compartmentation survey, to delivery of structural & passive fire protection – we offer a fully transparent and FIRAS certified service with industry leading quality assurance (QA) processes and reporting systems.

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Fire surveying/assessment

Transparent and reliable surveying – fire risk assessments (FRA) and fire compartmentation surveys carried out by fully accredited and certified professionals. Clear and concise digital reporting guaranteed

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Fire protection

Industry leading FIRAS certified structural and passive fire protection services, delivered across the UK, Ireland and International by an experienced team of fire stoppers

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Training & consultation

Quality assurance (QA) training & consultation services, transferring our capabilities in order to diffuse standards of quality throughout the UK construction industry

Grenfell tower – why we need a revolution for quality in UK construction and fire protection

A revolution in UK construction...

The UK construction industry has, for years, been plagued by low quality fire protection due to a lack of concern for client needs and – most importantly – human lives. Instead, firms have been focused on their bottom line; seeing fire protection not as an investment into the safety of people, assets and capital, but as something which eats into profit margins.


The catastrophe at Grenfell Tower brought many of these inadequacies to Government and public attention. We are proud to work in partnership with like-minded organisations & individuals, who prioritise quality and public safety above all else – and embedding these values in their every-day operations as part of the #Revolutionforquality.

Find out more about the #Revolutionforquality.

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Reaching new heights of quality...

Quality is our badge of honour – we embed quality throughout our service offering by refining our operational and quality assurance (QA) processes; integrating digital technology with skills, training and experience.


We provide our clients with a transparent and reliable FIRAS certified service with 100% quality assurance for clear communication and peace of mind.

Find out more about how we innovate.

Why choose us?

We enjoy a reputation of high quality and reliability in every fire protection project we undertake. We work across a diverse portfolio of projects in different industries and different geographic locations; 'From Aberdeen to Antarctica!'. By integrating digital technologies with innovative internal processes and highly experienced personnel, we're confident to proclaim our services as truly industry leading!

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100% quality assurance

Our FIRAS certified structural & passive fire protection services are 100% quality assured by integrating digital technology with a highly skilled and experienced workforce. Quality is deeply embedded within our organisational culture and operational processes.

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Effective & efficient

Through continuous iteration and refinement of our internal processes, we are able to offer industry leading fire protection services, both in terms of quality and efficiency – saving our clients time and capital, and providing peace of mind

Live and transparent reporting for construction

Real-time reporting

We provide comprehensive live and transparent digital reports throughout the project lifetime (and beyond), which can be accessed & tracked on your desktop, tablet or smartphone at any time through Fieldwire

Who is primarily responsible for standards of fire safety in a construction?

Responsibility, with regards to fire protection within a construction, lies with "any person who has some level of control in premises" therefore, in order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, said personnel must take the reasonable steps in order to minimise the risk from fire and guarantee that people can safely escape.

Join the #Revolutionforquality

We pride ourselves on quality fire protection and make sure to work with suppliers and partners who help us to deliver and diffuse our capabilities to the best of our ability!

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