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Passive & structural fire protection UK
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Passive & Structural Fire Protection Excellence

A family business with over 40 years experience in fire protection

Professional and expert services at every stage of construction

We adapt our vast knowledge & expertise to any and every project undertaken

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Surveys & Inspections

Transparent and accurate fire surveys & inspections - carried out by our highly trained & experienced specialists. We provide fully accessible live reporting which tracks all project activity

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Fire protection

Passive & structural fire

protection to the highest possible standard. We adapt tried & tested products and methodologies

to any project, both large and small.

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Accredited training opportunities in areas such as fire safety and quality assurance - transferring our capabilities in order to push standards of quality in UK construction.

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Reaching new heights of quality...

Here at Ogilvie Fire Protection, quality is our badge of honour - we are dedicated to pushing standards of quality in the fire protection industry by integrating disruptive technology with training & experience. We are thus able to guarantee our clients 100% quality assurance, clear communication and complete transparency of work. Incorporating digital technology also allows us to streamline internal processes which has earned us a reputation of being extremely expeditious.

Find out more about how we innovate.

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A revolution in UK construction...

The UK construction industry has, for years, been plagued by poor workmanship with regards to fire protection due to a lack of customer focus, a lack of regard for the importance of a comprehensive & bespoke fire protection system and a distorted perception of fire protection; not as an investment into the safety of publics, assets and capital, but as an encroachment on the bottom-line.


The catastrophic disaster at Grenfell Tower brought many of these inadequacies to light - we are proud to work with more & more like-minded companies & individuals, who prioritise quality and public safety above all else, every day as part of the #Revolutionforquality.

Find out more about the #Revolutionforquality.

Why choose us?

We are proud to enjoy a reputation of high quality and continual innovation, here's some of the reasons why...

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100% quality assurance

Our innovative internal quality assurance processes ensure every component of the fire protection system reaches the highest possible standards of quality before sign-off.

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Effective & efficient

We design and install comprehensive fire protection systems which are built to last long-term - this doesn't have to come at a premium. We have streamlined our processes to ensure efficiency of time and capital.

Live and transparent reporting for construction

Real-time reporting

We provide live and completely transparent reports on all aspects of a project which can be accessed & tracked on your desktop, tablet or smartphone at any time!

Who is primarily responsible for standards of fire safety in a construction?

Responsibility, with regards to fire protection within a construction, lies with "any person who has some level of control in premises" therefore, in order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, said personnel must take the reasonable steps in order to minimise the risk from fire and guarantee that people can safely escape.

Join the #Revolutionforquality

We pride ourselves on our quality of work and make sure to work with suppliers and partners who feel the same

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