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Wilson Found!

A lost companion finally found after being cast away from the shores of St Kilda...

For his trip to the uninhabited island of St Kilda, our fire stopper John Molyneaux was given a companion in the form of 'Wilson' - inspired by the 2000 Oscar-winning film Cast Away. Wilson had the honourable task of keeping John company during his two weeks of work on the World Heritage Site before John decided to send Wilson on a journey of his own...


John Kicked Wilson into the North Atlantic on 17th March at the end of his time on St Kilda. After almost 3 months and travelling a distance of approximately 1,000 nautical miles, Wilson was finally found by a group of German students from Internat Schloss Rohlstorf boarding school on a beach near the village of Vigso in the north of Denmark during the 'Herausforderung Wandern' hiking challenge.


All of us at Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd would like to give a huge thanks to all the students and staff at Internat Schloss Rohlstorf who found Wilson, gave him a home and tracked us down after only 51 hours via social media!

BBC News article:


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