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Ogilvie Fire Protection internal e-learning

Internal e-learning

We have developed internal passive & structural fire protection e-learning solutions

In partnership with North West Skills Academy, we have developed an e-learning program for internal training, focused on keeping staff up to date with manufacturer product specifications and installation techniques. Using e-learning tools, we can update specification understanding quickly and test knowledge of all Operatives on an ongoing basis. 


Subject knowledge is delivered in a more engaging and effective way through an interactive learning experience - this will ensure all our staff are updated on any manufacturer spec changes as well as keeping installation techniques and processes fresh in the memory.  


The normally flat specification has been developed for mobile and desktop delivery, and consists of voiced over, interactively rich units, that include short assessments to demonstrate that our team know all of the relevant information with regards to the systems in place; from drag and drop, free text and MCQ sections. 

Bruce Ogilvie, Operations Director at Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd

Bruce Ogilvie, Operations Director - Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd

'Through this methodology we are able to develop knowledge units as a replacement for costlier, less sustainable and effective paper versions. This will also make the assessment process easier to manage for both assessors and learners in terms of NVQ’s, as we will progress onto the development of NVQ knowledge units for current Level 2, Passive Fire Protection Qualification.'


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