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Karbon Homes tender

We are Proud to announce a new partnership with Karbon Homes!

Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd has been selected as part of the Karbon Homes tender - to provide passive fire protection services and solutions across North East England. We are proud to be working in partnership with an organisation who's core values align with our own, with a heavy focus on the following:

  • Compliance

  • Customer-Centric

  • Quality

  • Value

Our experience in working in occupied properties over the last 5 years, has allowed us to develop our team's capabilities to the highest standards - providing quality workmanship, working to manufacturers specifications, while in line with customer expectations and FIRAS 3rd Party Framework.

Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd has worked on dozens of projects in the UK over the last 5 years including:

  • South Ayrshire Schools

  • NHS Hospital Trusts

  • East Ayrshire Early Access Centres

  • North Glasgow Housing Association

  • Holyrood Palace

  • St.Kilda World Heritage Archipelago

The addition of another Social Housing sector client is a strong addition to our existing portfolio of Public and Private Sector clients.

Bruce Ogilvie, Operations Director at Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd

Bruce Ogilvie, Sales & Operations Director - Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd

“The awarding of this tender is a massive move forwards for our whole team at Ogilvie Fire Protection. Together, as a team, we have developed a reputation for high quality, high productivity and great customer focus. We have a solid workforce in terms of service delivery to a very high standard, and a best of breed quality assurance system that we continue to develop as part of the Karbon Homes tender”

The management team at Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd has been geared towards putting quality management at the heart of everything we do, from removing legacy paper trail systems (still widely used in construction) in order to streamline & refine internal processes to aid compliance, to developing our own e-learning solutions as a method of continual professional development for the team - the first to do so in our sector!


Since the tragedy of Grenfell, we have continued to push for greater transparency with our clients and bolster internal capabilities & capacities to fulfil every contract on time, on budget and to the highest possible standard. Working to develop digital processes in this way is a real enabler to defining and rolling out great working practices, perfectly suited to the challenges of high-volume, multi-location and multi-specification workload associated with the Karbon Homes tender.

“We have always been leaders in the use of technology, to better service our customers than competitors can. Using Fieldwire Technologies since our company inception has allowed Ogilvie Fire Protection to offer a much more transparent solution to our clients. All items, jobs and operatives are recorded in real-time, working to a 3 stage QA process. The first stage is a local sign off by our FIRAS registered Supervisor, remotely signed off by our back-office QA team and finally verified once FIRAS Certificate is issued. This allows us to have all O & M documentation, reports on completed items and FIRAS Certification with our clients within 48 hours of job completion.”

We happily welcome Karbon Homes to our list of clients, working consciously to improve industry standards in fire protection and construction in the UK. We look forward to working with Karbon Homes to make their full portfolio of properties fully compliant and safe for all stakeholders!


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