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The fire protection industry has been plagued with sub-standard work as of late. With inaccurate surveys setting budgets clear off the mark, unclear lines of communication between stakeholders and projects being signed-off way before they’re safe.


At Ogilvie Fire Protection, we pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide. We are proactive with our approach to technology, constantly looking for new ways to improve our service for the good of our clients and public safety.


The construction app Fieldwire allows us to do exactly that by streamlining our processes internally and also giving us the capabilities to supply clients with instantly accessible reports regarding many different aspects of ongoing projects.

We have carried out a pilot using Fieldwire on one of our projects. The pilot consisted of two remote teams; the teams used Fieldwire on two separate jobs where sub contractors had previously undertaken work. They had to survey all work on the go, recording any as complete/sub-standard/damaged by other trades/new works. These 4 stages also had to identify the most common items and processes for fixing each item when required.  

The team were working in poorly lit, enclosed spaces, where digital cameras, error A4 sheets, and sheer volume of works meant it wasn't practical to use paper-based reporting methods. Following the daily works on the site, a remote supervisor would QA all completed work, passing as complete, or referring back to a site operative to check where questions around quality were raised.  

On completion of the job, the client disputed the amount of new work that had been conducted, and was refusing to pay. Using Fieldwire, we were able to access all relevant drawings, the work undertaken, and categorise all works into 4 clear areas, as to liability for payment.  

The feedback from the trained group was that using innovative technologies such as Fieldwire proved a much better way of doing their records as far less time was required as well as providing a guarantee that they were paid for any and all work undertaken.  

We have now incorporated Fieldwire into our service offering as well as part of our new training course in partnership with North West Skills Academy.

For more information on our use of Fieldwire and the software itself, please follow this link.

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