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Antarctica Expedition

Taking the #Revolutionforquality to Antarctica!

We are extremely proud to officially announce our expedition to Antarctica, taking place in February 2022! Two members of the Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd team have just completed pre-deployment training for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Discovery Building in Rothera, Antarctica.

The training was held at MacDonald Inchyra Resort, Falkirk and focused on the logistics of traveling to Rothera, as well as health & safety and mental health training around the utility of mindfulness and reflective practices while in Anarctica for summer periods, when 24 hours of daylight descends.

Paul Ogilvie and Mark Robson will be the first two leading our own Antarctic expedition, where we will be fitting Siderise cavity barriers, Glassroc F Case and Quelfire firestopping materials. They will join the BAM site team in February of 2022 - we wish the team all the best for this unique opportunity!

Bruce Ogilvie, Operations Director at Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd

Bruce Ogilvie, Sales & Operations Director - Ogilvie Fire Protection Ltd

“We were delighted to win this amazing opportunity after almost 2 years of discussions with BAM & BAS stakeholders, working through many challenges as the impact from the global pandemic and logistical challenges of getting the right materials to the Antarctic prior to the team arriving onsite. This project is a testament to the 6 years of hard work establishing ourselves as a serious proposition within the UK Fire Protection industry - focused on quality and committed to great customer outcomes.”

Ogilvie Fire Protection also is providing support on two projects in The Falkland Islands, all of these jobs having been awarded based on our advanced use of disruptive tech onsite, which supports our three-stage quality assurance system and gives full transparency to project stakeholders.


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